Mid of March 2010

"Recommendations to Amend Some of the Provisions of the Maritime Trade Law Concerning the Establishment of Economic Courts in order to Keep Up with the Era of Trade and Maritime Industry in the Developed World" A Research Paper Suggested by Mr. Nabil Farag.

August 2010

Mr. Nabil Farag addresses Arab Maritime Chamber, "Maritime Piracy and To What Extent the Egyptian Courts are Specialized to Judge Pirates belonging to Foreign Countries for Their Crimes, located on the Board of the Egyptian Ships in Territorial Waters of Foreign Countries or International Waters." Written by Mr.Nabil farag.

First of October 2010

"The Dangers of Signing on the United Nations Agreement to Transport Goods By Sea -Rotterdam Rules- and Conflict of Interests Between Shippers and Carriers." Written By Mr.Nabil Farag.

April 2011

the System of Legislation and Laws Keeping Up with the Era of Modern International trade" Written by Mr.Nabil farag.

March 2012

"The exchange principle of foreign judgments' enforcement between the countries and reciprocity in accordance with local and international laws and the field of its application to maritime disputes in Egypt" Written by Mr.Nabil farag.

Mid of June 2012

"The principle of being free to proof in trade obligations ... And how it is applied on maritime disputes and lawsuits and the possibility to prove by all means of proof and whether it can be applied not according to the Commerce Act and the Evidence Act" . Written by Mr.Nabil farag.

Mid of July 2012

"To what extent the carrier is responsible for loss, damage or deficit of the goods shipped in accordance with the provisions of the maritime trade law No. 8 for the Year 1990" Written by Mr.Nabil farag.

November 2012

"Presumption of the delivery of the goods intact and the carrier exempt from liability" Written by Mr.Nabil farag.

November 2012

The Foreign Reason Relieves the Carrier from liability for loss and damage to the goods" in which he explained to what extent this "foreign reason" rule is to be applied according to Article No. 299 from The Maritime Trade Law No. 8 for the Year 1990. Written by Mr.Nabil farag.

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