December 2009

"legalization of electronic bill of lading and its negative role in regard to the increase of fraud and circumvent" Written by Marine News.

February 2010

" A research paper of Mr. Nabil Farag that tackles , ( The Importance of Establishing Specialized Maritime Courts) Written by Marine News.

March 2010

For the First Time in the History of Maritime Suits, "a legal Judgment relies on Fax As an Official Document to Prove Rights" Written By Marine News.

March 2010

HEMPEL Paints Danish thanks Mr. Nabil Farag the Commercial and International Maritime lawyer and the Member of the International Lawyers Association for his efforts done to recover the dues at ABB and wishes him more success and luck Written By Amany El-Azazy.

Augest 2010

Marine Publishes a photo of Mr. Nabil Farag's First Participation in General Assembly meetings of the Chamber of Shipping in Port Said as well as the issues tackled in the meeting Written By Marinw News.

Mid-May 2011

A Lawsuit Against Chairman of the Maritime Transport Academy that Accuses Mr. Mansour, Transportation Ex-Minister of Wasting Public Funds" Written By Amany AlAzazy.

Mid-May 2010

(Corporate International Organization) in London nominate Nabil Farag to award the reward of Maritime concession Written By Amany El-Azazy.

August 2010

News about Mr Nabil Farag participation in the meeting of the general assembly of PortSaid Maritime Chamber Written By Amany El-Azazy.

First Of November 2010

"Sharm El-Sheikh Conference Budgets 2 Billion Dollars For Arabic Projects with Not A Single Project for Transportation Being Included" Written by Marine News.

Mid-December 2010

DAN BUNKARING demands FAMCO to pay 1.2 million dollars and Mr.Nabil Farag handles prosecutions and confirms that the FAMCO's financial position isn't good Written by Amany El-Azazy.

Mid-January 2011

The Arab Union of Chambers of Shipping discusses the electronic bill of lading in Beirut and Mr. Nabil Farag ,the Legal Adviser of the Union of Chambers of Shipping shows a legal research paper to warn from the electronic bill of lading . Written by Amany El-Azazy.

First Of May 2011

Mr. Nabil Farag accuses AlMotahedoon of Coping his Research Paper,"Establishing Maritime Courts". While AlMotahedoon Congratulate him on his thoughts and Confirm that They Have Presented Points For Research and Discussion".

January 2013

Mr. Nabil Farag gave a remarkable lecture entitled " International Maritime Arbitration and to what extent it is applicable on Maritime Disputes in Egypt" followed by a specialized workshop directed by him too in the Arab Association for Navigation" Written by Amany El-Azazy.

January 2013

After being honored at the annual celebration of the Arab Association for Navigation, Counsel Nabil Farag warns that foreign investments should not breach of the national security of in the axis of the Suez Canal development's project" Written by Amany El-Azazy.

April 2013

Mr. Nabil Farag gave his word in a conference held by Mr. Hatem Abd ElLatif , the Minister of Transport Written by Amany El-Azazy.

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